What is Mastery?

First of all, is a mystery

That I want to reveal

For it’s brought me to heal

Instead of conceal


I am blessed, yes I know

I have health and new glow

I’ve forgiven myself

And allowed me to grow


Mastery is about discovery

And realization

Of your greatest power

Your complete transformation


Mastery is the journey of your life

For it is the journey back TO your life

So no matter what happens take the big leap of faith

Choose to fly and be free, let me take you away


Mastery is about love in its purest deep form

It’s our greatest desire to grow, to transform

Is about being childish and playful and in love

Is about being free, like a kid, like a dog


You take care of your buddy

And of your body too

As they both precious are

Divine creatures as you


Mastery is passion

It is joy, is compassion

Is forgiveness, let go…

Live your life, be in love


Mastery is your legacy

So, live up with illusion

For you will change the world

With your great contribution


As a master you’ll learn,

don’t assume and don’t judge

Never act out of grudge

Let your heart show and grow

Let the whole wide world know


To be a master you must

Give the people you love,

all your hope

All your trust


To be a master you need to let go of your pig

To believe, to declare and to always dream big


And if anything happens

That is not what you expect

Don’t judge, and don’t hate

But accept and respect


When you see you believe?

Well, believe and you’ll see

For whatever may happen

You’re the source you’re the cause


You create and you imagine

And it’ll become true

For it only depends

On you, willing to DO!


To be a master you choose

You intend, you propose

And in time you’ll see

It’ll happen to you


As a master you learn,

life it not what it seems

And that all that you are

Will make you find your dreams


I now know, I know nothing

But I’ll tell you a thing

I don’t need to have knowledge

To give love and just be…


And you asked who am I?

Well I am telling you know

I am a child full of joy



I am peace, I am hope

I am freedom, I am love

I am energy, I am truth

In the end, I am YOU


What we’ve learned priceless is

For the key to our soul

Is a gift is a treasure

The greatest power of all


I have read from Buscaglia

And from Louise Hay too

But I am telling you, Jesus

My great master is YOU


By Milly

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